Fescue Grass

The sod form of fescue are the turf type fescues, a finer textured type when compared to the tall fescue. It's a bunch-type species. It will do well in the transition areas of the south. In mild winters, it can provide year round color, one reason it is becoming so popular in the commercial landscape. It will suffer in the summer with both heat and disease problems, needing reseeding annually to maintain its density.

Elite Tall Fescue sod
Elite Tall Fescue turfgrass is produced from a combination of the finest and newest tall fescue selections. It is a cool season turfgrass with superior disease and pest resistance and is the most shade-tolerant of turf grasses. Elite Tall Fescue produces a dark green medium-textured turfgrass which provides an excellently green-colored lawn year round! RECOMMENDED mowing height is 2 – 3 inches, in summer 3 – 4 inches
Cold Hardiness 
Wear Tolerance 
Shade Tolerance 
Drought Tolerance
Maintenance Required